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Our websites are purpose built to drive customers to you. Gone are the days of passive customer acquisition. In order to beat the competition you need a design company ready to meet these challenges and help you succed.

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How it works?

Step 1: Pick Your Plan

We have packages that fit the needs of most businesses. But if your business needs something extra special let us know and we will give you free no obligation quote! 

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Step 2: Tell Us About Your Project

After you pick your plan we will contact you directly to go over the details. Let us know what websites you like, which ones you don’t. Show us you competition. We want to be in your shoes so we can meet your expectations. 

Not sure where to begin? Let our experts get the ball rolling!

Step 3: The Design Process

Once our initial consultation is complete we will start working right away. As soon as we get the basic framework of your website together we will follow up with you to get a feel for what kind of design you wanted. Most agencies build websites without any client input. We think that’s bad business. After getting your feedback we will implement the changes and continue developing the project. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied!

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Step 4: Final Setup

After you approve the final design we will set up the website on your server and show you how to use it. Each Minuteman website includes 30 days of complementary customer service! If you want to keep us on longer maintenance plans are available!

Contact us for a free website review!

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