Social Media Tips For Web Designers

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Often disregard as a second or third class task, social media plays just as important a role as the actual development of a brand website. In fact, given users tendency to check up on a businesses’ social media presence. One could say that creating a strong, well thought out social media presence can be just as important as the website itself. To get a jump start on creating your website, and creating your social media presence, let’s take a look at our social media tips for designers

Tip #1: Uniform Branding

You have your website created, now you need to create your social media profiles. You take your logo from the website and slap it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages and call it a day. The first thing you notice is that half of your images are coming in blurry, the others are cropped in too far or too close.

What is the problem? You may be asking yourself? Each social media platform has a set of size parameters that need to be adhered to in order to make your images look best. Imagine looking at a company website and then looking at their social media profiles and the fist thing you encounter is a ragtag group of improperly installed profiles images? However, there is good news. The solution is quite easy, and there is a cheat sheet to help guide you when resizing images, thanks to our friends at HubSpot. Check it out here for yourself, and get your profile images looking as shiny as that new website you just built.

Tip #2: Share Your Reviews

Do you regularly ask your customers for reviews (if you aren’t, start now!)? One of our single best social media tips for web designers is to get client reviews shared on a larger platform. What does that mean exactly? Lets say you get a shiny new review on your Facebook profile. Great! But how many visitors will read that review? Instead of letting that review sit hidden away take the text and make a post out of it. Thank your client and share their project on your page. Your client will love the attention you gave them, and your followers will see that you are producing great work that is appreciated. Chalk that up as a win-win situation.

Tip #3 Join The Conversation – Our Top Social Media Tip For Designers

While better suited for social media platform like Twitter, joining in on conversations that you have an expertise in can help build a strong following. Social media is a long play. It will take time to build quality followers. However, if you can start fresh by targeting people interested in your field you can slowly start to build a brand that will grow organically. Start by searching for keyword that were most recently used. Then all you have to do is start communicating with those users who are interested in similar fields of interested. Make sure you follow them after you are done. And most importantly, make sure you follow up with them again as soon as possible! Multiple interactions over a short time frame will quickly solidify you digital relationship.

Do you need more help with your social media campaigns? Learn how we can help by contacting us here!

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