Our One Year Anniversary

Our One Year Anniversary

One year ago today I was filling paper work to create an LLC with the state of Massachusetts. Quite honestly, I wasn’t quite sure we were going to make it a full year before having to call it quits. Celebrating our one year anniversary certainly seemed out of the question. But I knew I could do the job, and do it well. However, some things just never seemed to go my way.

In fact, while I was filing my paperwork for my LLC I was still working a full time job outside of the tech field. That job was my security blanket. It was a regular paycheck that always came in every two weeks. Who in their right mind leaves that to start a company when they need to help support their family? But things had progressed to a point where I felt like I might be able to leave my job. Three weeks later, the day after returning from a vacation, I was abruptly laid-off. It felt like I was pushed off the mountain top just before I was ready to reach the summit all by myself.

So, I had a decision. Get on unemployment and start the search for another draining job, or I could take a leap of faith and take the reins of my new business full time. All of my chips were on the table, I did the math, and I went all in.

Looking Back On Our One Year Anniversary

Looking back during our one year anniversary I am stunned by what we, as a company, have been able to accomplish. We have taken on progressively larger projects while maintaining the one-on-one customer service that I knew separated us from our competition. We remained true to our origins, and that has served us well.

I can not take all of the credit. My family has been supportive in those few but treacherous rough patches I’ve had over the past year. Without them, I would probably have closed shop by now. But as time has proven again and again, a strong man is only as strong as the people he has in his corner.

Wrapping things up…

I want to thank my earliest customers for giving me a chance. They felt the fire behind my eyes. My desire to help small business owners was always a top priority. It was the driving factor behind the creation of this company.

The future looks bright as ever as we expand our services and add more experts to improve our effectiveness. We will always aim to provide custom solutions at reasonable prices, giving other small business the same chance at success that they gave to us one year ago.

If you would like to contact us for more information about what we can do for you please reach out.

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