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Minuteman Digital Consulting was conceived on the premise that small businesses need a helping hand in the transition from the analogue world of years past to the digital frontier of the future. The company’s founder and president, Jason Ladieu, grew up in an old school family business that often operated in that transitory area. After discovering the power of web development and social media Jason had the idea of starting a digital consulting business for small companies in the same position that he had grown up in.

We understand that technology can be a daunting challenge for small businesses. The options are numerous, and the scam artists are plentiful. It is a maze that takes a sure hand to guide businesses in the right direction. Minuteman Digital Consulting confronts these challenges by simplifying options, explaining technology in laymen terms, and offering the most cost effective solutions to reach the unique goals of every small business owner.

It is our number one goal to help any business that puts their trust in our hands.

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Meet The Staff!

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Jason Ladieu

 Jason Ladieu is a self taught web developer. With a lifelong interest in technology, and professional experience with corporate communications, Jason poured these two skills into Minuteman Digital Consulting, LLC. Born and raised in Bellingham, MA, Jason is a proud New England son. His heritage and upbringing in a tight-knit family and small business has given him a unique and traditional understanding of how businesses and their owners should conduct themselves. 

When Jason is not helping customers you can usually find him traveling the backroads of New England, and up & down the east coast, usually with a camera in tow.

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